Social sciences
    Languages: English, Tongan, French, Hawaiian



    I began volunteering at Wikipedia and Distributed Proofreaders in 2003. I've written dozens of articles and proofed over 59,000 pages. I turned pro in 2006. 

    Since that time, I've worked on dozens of books for several Honolulu publishers,  as well as for a number of individual clients.

    I am particularly good at revising cookbooks so that the instructions are simple and easy to follow. Joseph Bean of the Maui Weekly said of Taste of Maui:

      The recipes also display a sanity that is hard to find in modern cookbooks. For
      simple, orderly instructions that are still complete and understandable, I usually
      send people back to the classic
Joy of Cooking or to a teaching volume like
Essentials of Cooking. No longer. Now, there's Taste of Maui, and the recipes
      will work in Missouri or Montana, too. There is a sense here of making good
      use of the kitchen downtimes, like when refrigerating marinades and resting
      a cooked item, and a willingness to break recipes up into stages, each of which
      is a real step, not a befuddling bunch of procedures that step on each other and
      can't really be accomplished together.




        ASc, CERT  (Computers, Electronics, Networking Technology)

        BA, MA, ABD Anthropology

      Co-founder, LavaNet, Inc., Honolulu, Hawai‘i